Year 6

Secondary Transfer Support Sessions


National Poetry Day
On the 3rd October it was National Poetry Day and Year 6 looked at Wilfred Owen's poem "Dulce et Decorum est". Their task was to pick a verse of the poem and create a watercolour painting of this verse. The pieces of art included are by Daniel, Fayth, Alex, Zofia and Amelia.



Trip to Horniman Museum

In science Year 6 have been learning about animal classification. We visited The Horniman Museum where we had a workshop and were able to look at different types of animals, putting them into groups from spiders to tiger sharks. 





Trip to Chislehurst Caves

Year 6 have been studying World War 2 in History and for their first trip of the year they visited Chislehurst Caves. At the Caves they learnt about the Blitz and experienced where people sheltered at this time. The Caves became a mini town during the war with a church, canteen, post office and even a hospital (where a baby was born) built underground!