Year 6


Easter Wreaths

After a week of mock exams in Year 6 we prepared for Easter by making wreaths using scripture from the bible to remember this time. Here you can see the work of Daniels, Emily, Zinachidi and Obo.



Lenten Promises

Here are some of the Lenten Promises made by Year 6






International Women's Day

“Friday 8th March was International Women’s Day and in year 6 we looked at inspiring women in our own lives. We thought about what makes someone inspiring in class discussion picking out famous writers, singers and family members. We then went on to produce our own pieces of writing on which women we find inspiring and why.”

Pupils in the photograph: Zinachidi, Emily, Haneef, David, Rosie
Pupils texts: Haneef, Emily





Chess Lesson

Year 6 have been developing their problem solving skills. They are thoroughly enjoying learning to play chess. It requires deep concentration and the ability to logically analyse the state of play to ensure a winning move.