Year 5

Lenten Promises

As  a class we discussed the meaning of Lent. We believe that Lent is a time where we make a sacrifice to give up things which have special meaning to us and a time to help others.

Here are a few Lenten promises that children in Year 5 made.

Book Week

Some of the great costumes worn by the Year 5 class !!




Art Lesson

In Art the class created their own form of alien. Each child's alien is unique to them!

Can you guess how the children created them?

Hint: Part of it involves Maths.




Visit to St Thomas More Comprehensive School

Year 5 went to St Thomas More Comprehensive School for a Science Investigation on Friction - how friction is affected by:

1) The surface an object is moving across

2) How the mass of an object affects the force required to move an object.

This investigation is part of a lesson which links into our Science Unit this half term, which is on "Forces".