Year 4


French Day

During French Day, Year 4  learnt some French phrases e.g. places in town - en ville
We tasted some French food, to find our favourites
We used a tally chart and frequency table to collect our scores
We presented our results in a bar graph




Year 4 at Church




Trip to Tower of London

As part of our topic about Tudors, Year 4 went to THE TOWER OF LONDON to have a life learning experience about British history and especially Tudor history.






Swimming Lessons for Year 4


Spanish Day

We sampled various tapas dishes as part of our Spanish topic, and learnt about the gastronomy and traditional dishes from the different regions in Spain.  Then we  carried out a survey to find out which Spanish  food is our favourite one.  First we collected our data in a tally chart, then we transferred it to a frequency table with the whole class results.
From fresh ingredients we made a Spanish treat, Buñuelos Valencianos  (Spanish doughnuts) .  It is traditional to have these with thick hot chocolate .  After all our efforts, we had the opportunity to taste the freshly cooked Buñuelos with warm hot chocolate.






Book Week







Lent Promises

Year 4 want to walk with Jesus in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights and take away the heavy weight of our sins that we have put upon Him, by making some promises and keeping them during Lent.






Visit  to Harry Potter World





Waiting at Platform 9



Leaving Harry Potter World




Mighty Mountains

Our geography topic for the Autumn term is mountains.  The children have produced some excellent pieces of homework.