Year 3



In Maths we have been learning about time. We have been using analogue and digital clocks to read the time to the nearest minute






This week in Literacy we attended a meeting and pretended to be the farmers who are terrified of the Iron Man, who has been eating all of our tractors and ploughs! We all voted and decided to write a letter to the Prime Minister to persuade her to send him to the North Pole!




Greenwich Sportathon

This week Year 3 attended the Greenwich Sportathon and participated in many activities alongside nine other schools. It was a fantastically sunny day and we all had a great time! After our warm-up we competed in hockey, races, golf, scootering, long jump, goal shooting and netball! We all had a chance to join in with different activities that we hadn't tried before. Even though we didn't win, we came back with a sense of excitement and are looking forward to our Holy Family Sports Day in two weeks!





Year 3 at Church





Week Commencing 10th June 2019

This week we have written a play script based on The Iron Man. We rehearsed our play so that we can identify changes that we will edit next week.

In RE we have been learning about Hinduism. Some children from class who practise the Hindu faith shared what their faith means to them.

This week in maths we have been calculating perimeters of 2-D shapes. We even walked the perimeter of the playground!

We have also been learning about the Ancient Egyptians. We have displayed some Canopic jars that we made and are enjoying our Egyptian books.







Trip to Horniman Museum

This week Year 3 went on a trip to the Horniman Museum, they learnt about what happened to Ancient Egyptian's when they died. They got to hold genuine ancient artefacts which were around 3000 years old!






Easter Story

This week we learnt about the Easter story and were inspired to create these pieces of art. We used chalk and pastels to create the background, then cut brown sugar paper out in the shape of crosses.







Lenten Promises

Here are some of the Lenten Promises the children in Year 3 made.







Book Week





Lost Sheep 

This week we learnt about the story of the Lost Sheep. We wrote a diary entry from the perspective of either the Sheep or the Shepherd.  Abigail and Ansh wrote wonderful pieces of writing and became the first members of Year 3 to write in pen.  Well done you two!


Prefixes and Suffixes

This week Year 3 looked at prefixes and suffixes. We used dice to help us add prefixes and suffixes to root words. Writing amazingly crafted sentences using  our wonderful learning​!




The Story of Zacchaeus

This week Year 3 have been looking at the story of Zacchaeus. They learnt about how he was a 'sinner' and a tax collector. But, how he changed his ways once he met Jesus. 

Mr Dickerson challenged the class to paint a picture of this moment. showing us their representation of how Jesus changed Zacchaeus. ​