Year 2


Our Lenten Promises

Lent is upon us.  Lent is a special time of the year.  We know that Lent is more than giving up something we love for 40 days.  Jesus was tempted for 40 days, we know that we can be tempted in life.  Therefore during Lent we think about how we can follow in God's footsteps.  We created a Lent Traffic Light Prayer.  For red we thought about  one thing we are going to try to stop to do.  For amber we thought about something we can get better at during this Holy season of renewal.  Then for green we thought about a kind deed we are going to try to keep on doing, to show that we can follow in God's footsteps. 



Trip to Old Royal Naval College

Maths is Everywhere!

Today we went to the Old Royal Naval College.  What a beautiful place!  We went into the Chapel, we looked at the amazing paintings and architecture inside the Chapel and explored the patterns and shapes within the art work.  Then we created our own geometric patterns using shapes and explored the symmetry within these patterns.  Then as a part of our Local History, we learnt about the history of the Old Royal Naval College and even had a chance to play a bowling match using an old Skittle Valley.




World Book Day





Trip to Eltham Library

​In celebration of Book Week we visited Eltham Library.  We were lucky enough to go into their new Enchanted Story Garden. We had a chance to read, explore and create our own stories!





Trip to Woodlands Farm

Today we went to Woodlands Farm. At school we have been learning about healthy eating and where our food comes from. At the farm today we learnt about where different meat comes from. We also had a chance to go make ice cream and go on scavenger hunt.





Visit to Bromley and Catford Synagogue

For the last two weeks as a school we have been studying the different aspects of Judaism. Today with Year 3 we had a chance to visit the the Bromley and Catford Synagogue. 



Visit to Horniman Museum

In science we have been learning about animals in their natural habitats. So today we visited the Horniman Museum. We looked around the museum and saw lots of animal skeletons and taxidermy. Then, during a workshop, we looked at different taxidermy​ animals in their habitats  and learnt how they have adapted to their habitat. We ended our day with a trip around the animal walk.