Year 1


Year 1 Literacy Lesson

This half-term we are reading poetry in our literacy lessons. We will be building upon the fantastic work we did with our List Poems, based upon an inspiring underwater scene which captured our imagination!
We have been reading some funny poems about food and have been thinking about how the poets have used their words to make us laugh and to enjoy the sounds they make. We are currently in the process  of collecting words for the new poems we are planning, based upon our favourite foods!
We will keep you updated with our progress!




Autumn Walk

In October, we went on an Autumn Walk to Sutcliffe Park. We will be conducting a study of a horse chestnut tree over the course of a year.

We placed five hoola hoops around the tree, one metre from the tree trunk and each group surveyed what they found in their hoola hoop.

We recorded the results. We found horse chestnuts (conkers) and red, brown and yellow leaves.

It poured with rain but we were so busy enjoying our learning that we didn't mind at all!







Week Commencing 14 October 2019

In Literacy we have been learning how to re-tell the story of The Snail and the Whale. We used our washing line to sequence the story and to plan the language we would use.

We enjoyed our African Dance workshop to celebrate Black History Month. We learnt lots of dance moves and had an exciting time practising them!

We have also been planning our List poems. We studied a picture of undersea creatures for inspiration and used adjectives to describe them. We are now editing our poems to make them even better!