Our School

Welcome to Holy Family Catholic Primary School

 At Holy Family, we believe that primary school education is an experience that all children should enjoy to the full. We therefore offer a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum, striving to meet the needs of all of our children.

 We are very much a 'family' school; we cultivate and nurture attitudes of support, respect and care in all activities and relationships for all our children.

 Equally important is learning. We set high standards in everything we do and strongly believe in the importance of the core skills of reading, writing and mathematics.

 We care passionately about providing our children with an education that will prepare them for life in the 21st Century. We want our children to be confident, independent learners who know how to make informed decisions about the choices they make in life. Ofsted October 2016 said, "Parents and pupils recognise your caring approach and speak enthusiastically about the 'family feel' of the school.  Pupils feel safe and secure.  They are unfailingly polite to adults and kind to each other.  pupils feel valued, as do their families".

 We are all learning to follow in the footsteps of Jesus with our friends, family and Parish. We want to share our good work, up to date news and information about our school with you through our website. It's packed full of information about our school and we hope you find it both interesting and entertaining. It will also give you a picture of life at Holy Family Catholic Primary School. But please do come and see the school at work and discover how your child could thrive here.

Helen Hart
Head of School

If you have any enquiries please contact Nosheen Rathore (Senior Admin Officer) 020 8856 2708 or sao@hfprimary.org

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