Sports Premium

It's Fun to Ride

  • Learning to ride a bicycle is one of life's milestones, providing children with their first taste of mobile independence. 
  • National statistics say that 43% or children at the age if 6 years old cannot ride a bicycle. 
  • Holy Family is now a Balenceability accredited school. 
  • Balanceability is a programme delivered by qualified instructors (Miss Monkman, Miss O'Hara, Miss Hill, Mr Poore,Miss Wilkes and Miss Blagoeva)  in safe environments, designed to provide children with the best possible start in cycling. 
  • Balanceability is here to help children get a start to cycling using balance bikes without pedals. 
  • The Balanceability programme focuses on establishing fundamental and secure balance - which is the most essential part of riding a bicycle.
  • By establishing the fine and gross motor skills that are required for cycling, children will progress naturally through the key stages and experience the joys of riding a bicycle throughout their early childhood and beyond.
  • Balanceability utilises Balance Bikes throughout the programme in order to teach children the fundamentals of balance, core stability, gross and fine motor skills and the essential confidence that comes with the process of learning a new life skill.
  • Holy Family will now be running Balanceability programme for pupils from Reception to Year 2. 
  • if you would like any more information please contact Miss Ruth Monkman (Deputy Head & Phase Leader for EYFS & KS1) 
  • We are looking forward to updating you on the progress of our pupils on this programme so please watch this space. 





Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.