Reception (FS2) CLASS


Harvest Time

In Reception we have been learning about Harvest time. We have been thinking about the farmers and learning about where different food comes from. We have been talking about different fruits and vegetables and what we like  and don't like. We have been learning about what is good for us. 

We have also been bringing in donations for our own Harvest Mass and these will be give to Eltham Food Bank to help people less fortunate who don't have enough food. 


Dear God

Each season brings something new for us to see and enjoy, 

With sunny days and rainy days, our crops grow larger, 

Fruit and vegetables ripen, ready for Harvest. 

Thank you for all of the food we have to eat, 

Let us remember people who may not have enough. 

Help us to be kind to others in our thoughts, words and deeds. 







In Reception we have lots of clever artists who have been experimenting with lots of materials to design and make some lovely creations.





Black History Month

In Reception in our RE lessons and as part of Black History Month we have been thinking about what makes us special. 


God made me special and I am his

With His love in my heart

I am never alone.

He made me,

He loves me,​

He knows my name too.

I am precious, I am special,

I know that I am no-on​e else but me.

My fingerprints are patterned like no others.

I am unique, and I will always be.

God, thank you for making me.



We designed images of our own faces to show that we are all different but special.