Reception (FS2)

Trip to Pizza Express in Blackheath

On Wednesday 19th October Reception Class visited Pizza Express in Blackheath. 

We had an absolutely fantastic time. Firstly we dressed as Pizza Chefs putting on aprons and hats. We learn't about the history and origin of the margherita pizza. We then made our own, kneeding the dough, spreading the sauce and adding the cheese. 

They went up to the Master Pizza Chef who cooked them for us. Then came the best bit...…… we got to eat the delicious pizzas. 

We would like to thank Pizza Express Blackheath for such a truly great pizza making experience. We appreciate your community project that allows us to give our children a special trip. 






Trip to Natural History Museum

On Tuesday 13th November, Reception Class visited The Natural History Museum. We had a tricky journey on the train and the tube but the Reception children demonstrated how ready they were to get out of the classroom for new learning and were so sensible with the challenges of public transport and the BIG world of central London. 

We had a fantastic time as 'Young Explorers' in the museum. First we looked at and investigated all the different types of animals, then we went to see the dinosaur exhibition and met a live T-Rex who said "ROAR". 

​We had a great day of exploration.