Reception (FS2) CLASS


Trip to Cutty Sark

On 17th June Reception and Nursery visited the Cutty Sark. We all thought what a huge boat it was. We learnt about figure heads on the front of boats, we learnt what the Cutty Sark was used for and about life on board ship as a sailor. We explored the different parts of the ship. Then we visited the Maritime Museum and enjoyed some hands on activities in the 'Ahoy!' Gallery.





Trip to London Transport Museum

On Monday 10th June, Reception and Nursery visited the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden. We travelled back in time and looked at transport from the past and considered the differences and similarities between transport in 1900 and now 2019. We discussed how different types of transport are powered and have developed throughout the years. We also looked at all the different types of transport in London today and how Important it is to keep our city going. We had a very interesting day looking at different types of transport old and new.









 Trip to Sealife Aquarium

On Monday 20th May reception and Nursery class visited Sealife  - London Aquarium. We saw all sorts of creatures in their underwater environment; sharks, turtles, stingray, starfish, crocodiles penguins and jelly fish to name just a few. We even found 'Nemo' and 'Dory'!!! We had a fantastic time watching all sorts of creatures. 

visit to stm comprehensive

Reception class visited STM Comprehensive school and had a fantastic time using their trampolines

Stone Soup

We have been reading Stone Soup, a folk tale about sharing.
On Thursday, we all brought a vegetable to add into our very own Stone Soup and it was delicious.

 Easter Homework 

To download the Easter homework click here

 Trip to Woodlands Farm

On Tuesday 19th March Nursery and Reception children visited Woodlands Farm. Firstly we looked at the animals around the farm. We learnt about cows, sheep, pigs, chickens and 'Bob' the pony. We also got a chance to stroke a chicken and hold a guinea pig. We all voted for our favourite animal and the cows were the most popular. 

In the afternoon we learnt how plants grow and that they need sunlight, soil and water. We learnt the names of a plant and planted some seeds. We also learnt a song about plants. After that we had a scavenger hunt in the garden looking for different types of plants. 

We had a lovely day at the farm and even the weather was kind, we set out in our wellies in the rain but very quickly the sun was shining on us. 

 Lenten Promises

We have been thinking about Lent and the time leading up to Easter. We have discussed what we could give up for Lent  - sweets, I-pad, TV, for example. We have made promises to God to tell him how we can be especially good during the time of Lent.

 Visit to Eltham Library 

To follow on from 'Book Week', on Tuesday 12th March Reception and Nursery children visited Eltham Library. We went to the Reading Garden an inspiring area in the library where you can relax and lose yourself in books or act out stories using the scenery, train, bridge, stage, castle and crocodile. 

One of the librarians read us some stories and we joined in with some parts.  We had a chance to look at new books and read with our friends, parents and teachers. We had a lovely visit!

 Mr Dickerson Reading to Reception Class

 Shrove Tuesday

Today we celebrated Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day. We learnt about Shrove Tuesday and what it means in the Catholic Calendar. We learnt about how pancakes are made and then we enjoyed tasty pancakes with honey or lemon and sugar. We ended our day with a pancake race.
Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday - we will be going to whole school Mass with Father Anton, receiving the ashes and back in class making our Lenten Promises.

 Visit to Horniman Museum

During this Spring Term 2​ half term Reception Class are looking at stories from around the world. On 5th March we visited the Horniman Museum. 

We met and joined Winny the Walrus as she prepares for an exciting journey around the world.  We thought about what it will be like in the places she visits and what will she need to pack in her suitcase?  In this interactive session we had an opportunity to try on costumes and match them to their uses in a range of environments and cultural occasions in different parts of the world.


 Royal Reading Area

 In the Nursery and Reception class we now have a new Royal Reading Area. It is a special area  to sit and share and enjoy stories. Mr Benstead, our Premises Manager, has made a magical reading throne and we have crowns to wear to help us concentrate on our books. We also act out the stories and become the characters from the books. 

 Mud Kitchen

On 27th February 2019, we had the grand opening of our new 'Mud Kitchen'.  Our Chair of Governors visited especially to cut the ribbon.

We are looking forward to hours of fun making mud pies, sloppy soups, crusty cakes and magic potions. 

A big thank you to Mr Benstead our Premises Manager who created our wonderful kitchen,  and thank you to Berkeley Homes who donated materials which Mr Benstead recycled for the design of the kitchen. 

 Valentine Gifts

Today we discussed Valentine's Day, made Valentine gifts and talked about who we loved.

 Visit to The National Gallery

Reception class visited the National Gallery. We had storytelling sessions around paintings using props, actions, sounds and rhymes. The first story was about Odysseus, Penelope and the Trojan wars.  The second story was George and the Dragon. We saw some beautiful pictures.  


Please see the attached letter regarding the lovely comments received from The National Gallery

Reception Class Visit to The National Gallery.pdf

Chinese New Year

Reception have been learning about Chinese New Year. We have been learning about the customs and stories around this celebration. We have been trying to write words and numbers in Chinese. We have tasted some delicious noodles and even visited China Town to see the beautiful red and gold lanterns.

 Visit to Lee Green Fire Station

On Friday 18th January we were lucky enough to be invited to Lee Green Fire Station. They were busy doing lots of work on their fire engines, but thankfully they were not out on a 'SHOUT'. 

We were shown the call centre room where the station is alerted when there is an emergency and we looked at the maps that showed them how to get there. 

​We also heard the alarm that tells all the firefighters to get ready to do their job. 

Miss O'Hara experienced dressing up as a Firefighter and found out how heavy the uniform was. 

We had a chance to sit in the fire engine and saw how powerful the hose was. 

We had a really amazing visit to find out about people who help us. 

Thank you Lee Green  Fire Station 

 Visit to Berkeley Homes

On 22nd January 2019,  Reception Class were invited to find about Berkeley Homes and the community of Kidbrooke Village. 

Firstly we put on our high viz jackets and hard helmets to visit the building site. We learnt about the safety on the site and we looked at all the aspects of the building of new homes, especially looking at the cranes and vehicles involved and talking about all the materials used. 

We then went to the Information Centre and looked at a scale model of how Kidbrooke Village will grow and develop.  We even found where some pupils live on the scale model.  We talked about all the different jobs that happen on a building site and all the people who help us. 

Finally we went to see a Berkeley Homes Show Home.  We saw where you can live when the houses are finally built. 

Thank you Berkeley Homes for this special opportunity - but in particular can we thank Jenni and Eamonn. 

 Role Play Building Site

This term's topic for EYFS is 'People Who Help Us'.  Thanks to the skills of our Premises Manager, Mr Benstead, we have a new role play building site, which he has built for us.  Jenni and Eamonn from Berkeley Homes came to  the official opening of our building site.  We can't wait to put on our hard helmets and high viz jackets and get building. 

 Trip to Pizza Express in Blackheath

On Wednesday 19th October Reception Class visited Pizza Express in Blackheath. 

We had an absolutely fantastic time. Firstly we dressed as Pizza Chefs putting on aprons and hats. We learned about the history and origin of the margherita pizza. We then made our own, kneading the dough, spreading the sauce and adding the cheese. 

They went up to the Master Pizza Chef who cooked them for us. Then came the best bit...…… we got to eat the delicious pizzas. 

We would like to thank Pizza Express Blackheath for such a truly great pizza making experience. We appreciate your community project that allows us to give our children a special trip.

Trip to Natural History Museum

On Tuesday 13th November, Reception Class visited The Natural History Museum. We had a tricky journey on the train and the tube but the Reception children demonstrated how ready they were to get out of the classroom for new learning and were so sensible with the challenges of public transport and the BIG world of central London. 

We had a fantastic time as 'Young Explorers' in the museum. First we looked at and investigated all the different types of animals, then we went to see the dinosaur exhibition and met a live T-Rex who said "ROAR". 

​We had a great day of exploration.