Greenwich Music Festival


On Wednesday 20th March, a group of Holy Family Choir members performed at the Greenwich  Music Festival kindly hosted by St. Thomas More Comprehensive School. 

The festival ran for three days with different schools performing on different nights.  Holy Family performed with    St. Thomas More Comprehensive, Invicta Primary, St. Patrick's Primary, Discovery Primary  and Gordon Primary.  

Each school practised agreed songs in their own schools and then came together on the day for a group rehearsal; the first time the schools had sung together and with a live orchestra provided by Gordon Primary.   

At the final performance the programme consisted of solo school performances alongside combined school performances, where the six schools performed together as a whole choir. 

Holy Family's independent performances consisted of the songs 'Shotgun' by George Ezra and 'Best Day of My Life' by American Authors. They performed both amazingly, with confidence, passion and fantastic dance moves. 

The ultimate  combined choir final performance was a spaced themed combination of songs, including David Bowie's, 'Space Oddity', Jonathan King's 'Everyone's gone to the Moon' and Europe's 'Final Countdown (to name just a few). Considering the combined choir and orchestra had only met on the afternoon of the performance to rehearse, it was an outstanding performance and finale. 

Congratulations to those who performed in the Holy Family Choir - (Maya, Abigail, Ayomide, Brian, Denzel, Favour , Jessica, Joshua, Julie, Kyla, Leonardo, Marta, Naia, Sean and Victoria ) you made a superb effort and contribution to the Greenwich Music Festival. 

A huge THANK YOU to Miss Kim Morrissey, Head of Music at St. Thomas More Comprehensive and Music Teacher at Holy Family, who introduced new material to the choir which were particularly inspiring song choices. She also rigorously rehearsed and created a wonderful performance opportunity for our choir members. 

And finally, a heart felt thank you to all the proud parents who attended the Music Festival. Thank you for your support of the event and the school. You were a very appreciative and engaged audience, but most importantly very proud parents, so we are glad you enjoyed a delightful event. 

We look forward to taking part in the Greenwich Music Festival next year.